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The Multi-Tank Core is the block upon which this mod is founded. One of these blocks is required per layer of each tank. So if you have a 4 layered tank, you need to have 4 of these cores for it to function as so. To view the GUI and see the amount of liquid inside the tank, right click that layer with an EMPTY hand. Default size is 10,000 mB.

Potion EffectsEdit

When a Multi-Tank Core is filled with a liquid, a redstone signal is applied and the player walks or collides with said block, then a series of potion effects will be applied to the player based upon the liquid inside. Currently only applies to lava and water.

Lava -

Resistance II - 3 seconds

Fire Resistance I - 1 second

Slowness II - 1 second


Water Breathing II - 3 seconds

Multiple LayersEdit

When you decide to make a tank with multiple layers make sure that the CORE of the bottom tank touches either an extension or core of the layer above for the tank to properly connect and form.